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Welcome to the Total Miner: Forge Wiki. A publicly accessible and editable wiki for information relating to the video game Total Miner: Forge. This compendium and its 248 articles and 971 pages and 414 files are managed and maintained by 1 active players from the Total Miner community, along with the wiki's administration team.

About Total Miner: Forge

Total Miner is a voxel sandbox construction game created by Studio Forge founder Craig Martin. Total Miner is about its community and having fun with the game and each other. Total Miner strives to provide the best creative tools possible for players to create amazing content for both themselves and others to enjoy. From simple artwork to deep sophisticated RPG multiplayer gameplay.

Total Miner was originally released on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel on the Xbox 360 in 2011. Since then it has become the second highest selling game of all time on that channel with around 1.3 million copies sold.

Originally Total Miner was inspired by the games Minecraft and Miner Dig Deep. Gameplay is similar to Minecraft in that it involves players interacting with the game world by placing and breaking various types of blocks in a three-dimensional environment. Gameplay of the Dig Deep game mode is similar to Miner Dig Deep in that the main objective is to reach the bottom of the (extremely deep) world by finding a progression of blueprints and better equipment to get there.

Total Miner has sophisticated mechanisms for controlling griefing on multiplayer worlds, including Zones and expressive player permissions. The game has a powerful built in script language that enables players to do things as simple as automate common tasks, or create animated draw bridges, to things as complex as creating collections of sophisticated quests, magic systems, dungeon generators, mini-games, board games, massive boss fights. The game lets players create sophisticated custom NPC behaviours and dialog using an easy to use, visual drag and drop behaviour tree editor.

The game allows players to copy sections of their builds to a clipboard and paste that clipboard elsewhere in the map. The clipboard can also be saved as a component and used in other builds. Components can also be used to create new (animated) NPC models. This feature along with the NPC behaviour trees allow players to create completely new NPCs for their worlds. All of this content can be shared around the community by simply copying a file.

There are powerful creative tools built right into the game. Filling large regions instantaneously, clearing regions, replacing blocks in regions, instantly creating lines, spheres, paths, walls, forests, and a painters flooding algorithm.

The PC version of Total Miner has some built in modding support which is being continually expanded. Players can make Mods to create new Items and Blocks or replace existing ones, create particle emitters and NPC customizations all via XML files, with no programming necessary. There is also some direct support for Mod creation using programming with .Net languages, in the form of plugins that can access interfaces and exposed types to modify the game.

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